Julie Vargo Photography

About Julie Vargo

I love photography! I’ve been taking pictures for most of my life. In high school, I almost always had my camera to snap pictures of my friends and family. In college, I did the same thing, but it went even further. My Junior year of college, I was fortunate to get a 5-month internship studying dolphins in Hawaii. During that time, I took 43 rolls of film! It would have been more, but I couldn’t afford the developing. I even remember picking up a camera at my own wedding and snapping a few pictures!

In 2003, my husband suggested we get a new digital camera. I realized then how easy it was to take as many pictures as I wanted, without having to pay for each “click”. I began using my camera to take pictures of the dogs I had in my training classes (yes, I was a dog trainer for years). I also took my camera to friends’ weddings and took pictures of their kids.

When my cousin was planning her wedding, I asked if she would make sure her photographer would be ok with me taking pictures. I sent her some photos to show her what I wanted to do for her wedding… She told me she wanted ME to be her photographer!!!!

After that I was hooked! I asked everyone if I could take pictures at their weddings or of their children and families. I knew then I found something that not only made me happy, but I could also use to make others happy.

In 2006 I purchased my first digital SLR and began working under a photographer in Youngstown. I am grateful for her help in developing my skills and giving me so much experience.

Then, in 2007, we established J-n-Z Life Scapes Photography (Julie n Zach) where we have had the privilege to work with thousands of brides, seniors, families, and children over the years. In early 2019, we decided to reinvent the business under my name, Julie Vargo Photography.

Headshot courtesy of Jerry Ghionis